Coaching – $70/hr
Since graduating from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television with an emphasis in musical theatre, I’ve toured across the country (and Europe) with several projects including vocal-electronic Verve artist Sonos, music-comedy duo Dakaboom and international rock band The Haze, and I like to bring my diverse interest in styles to the work.

As a teacher, I spent three summers working with middle and high school ages as the Music Director at TASIS (The American School In Switzerland). My work as a pianist, conductor and composer helps me bring my students insight into the music itself: the hows and whys behind technical and performance choices.

I am a vocal coach focusing on singer development, meaning my sessions are geared towards building your repertoire and expanding on the effectiveness of your voice. While I don’t often work with beginners I definitely support and engage in vocal technique, something every singer needs!

Most of all I like to create a safe space to play and to explore. I encourage all my students not to shy away from something that scares them. Trying and failing are just a part of your growth and I will encourage that development in a fun and impactful way.

If you’re interested in general vocal coaching, email me and let me know what you’re hoping to get from lessons and we’ll set something up. The first lesson is always dedicated to learning your voice – what’s already strong and what would benefit from strengthening.

If you’re auditioning, I’ll make sure you have suitable songs in the right key and work with you to make specific choices to bring about an exciting performance.

Audition Tracks – $25/audition
For when you can’t swing a session, I can record and send your audition material as it will be played by the accompanist. Email me your sheet music and I’ll provide two tracks per song: 1) accompaniment with melody line for learning; 2) accompaniment only for rehearsing.

“Paul is such an INSANE talent, but you would never know it based off how grounded he is. His coaching style is an exceptional balance of knowledge, patience, and humor. Lessons are a BLAST, and productive… you book work when ya coach with Paul!”  – Renee Colvert

“Working with Paul in preparation for my auditions has proved to be absolutely instrumental with my success as an actor. Paul has worked with me on my music for several years now and after working with him I landed lead roles in the Broadway Tour of RENT and the National Tour of Go Diego Go! He makes me feel comfortable and safe to work, while at the same time sharing some laughs and having a good time so that the work is also fun!”  – Jesse Carrion

“Paul is a relaxed, creative genius! He is giving with his time and his creativity and has great innovative, unique ideas. I loved working with him and I often recommend him to my students and my colleagues. He is fun and funny and I would work with him again anytime!”  – Ali Spuck

“Paul Peglar is awesome. He’s an astute and highly skilled accompanist and a helluva deal. I showed up at his house with challenging contemporary music for an important audition, and Paul knocked it out of the park. The following day at the audition, Paul was there early and was available so I had someone with whom to chat to calm my nerves before going in the room. Then he played it beautifully even though I’d only given it to him the day before. Hire this man.”  – Zachary Ford